How to use the service

Press CONNECT to download the modules required for remote connection.
Press the button again is the download does not start.

<br>※ダウンロードされたexeファイルはリモートサポート終了後、自動削除されます。<br>※本サービスを含む図脳RAPIDサポートサービス利用規約は<a href="">こちら</a>です。<br>※本サービスの提供にあたってはRSUPPORT株式会社の遠隔サポート技術を採用しております。(動作環境は、Windows10以降です)

Remote Support agreement

Remote Support agreement

Agent will control your mouse / keyboard. Do you allow?

The recorded video will be saved on your PC. Continue?

Remote Support Recording Information

Remote support process recording will be saved on the agent side.

Need Password

This is a private chat. Enter the password given by the Agent.

Loading remote support program

Click "Direct Download" if automatic connection fails.

Waiting for reconnection

Please click 'File Download' and then execute it to reconnect.

If the website is not working properly download connection application(Download Help) as an alternative.